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December 08 2012

Fine. Now I'm going to write all my expressions with NANDs.
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September 24 2011

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June 20 2011

How in the name of Harvey does one find a bug like this?

Fc.exe does not work with files that differ every 128th byte.

"I'm quite sure I've never compared to strings with exactly the same content and length except for the place at x := x mod 128" says my co-worker.

June 18 2011

„.md“ steht für „Markdown“

Ich habe mich neulich gewundert, was eine „.md“-Datei sein könnte. Google schweigt sich bis heute noch darüber aus. Es handelt sich dabei um eine „Markdown“-Datei. Markdown ist eine interessante Möglichkeit, lesbare Textdateien zu verfassen und gleichzeitig eine brauchbare HTML-Ausgabe zu erhalten. Hinter dem Link findet ihr eine Implementierung für Notepad++. Siehe auch: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/
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May 16 2010

To program in an expressive and powerful language: Python
To get a website up quickly: PHP
To mingle with programmers who call themselves “rockstars”: Ruby.
To really learn to program: C.
To achieve enlightenment: Scheme.
To feel depressed: SQL
To drop a chromosome: Microsoft Visual Basic
To get a guaranteed, mediocre, but well paying job writing financial applications in a cubicle under fluorescent lights: Java.
To do the same thing with certifications and letters after your name: C#
To achieve a magical sense of childlike wonder that you have a hard time differentiating from megalomania: Objective C

I could go on… but I’m not feeling hateful enough today.
iamgabeaudick - Which language?
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February 04 2010

Spark tools for Natural Selection 2

UWE's toolkit for NS2 development has been around for a while now. Anyone up for some level modelling?
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January 26 2010

Challenge of the day:  1. send a task to the background 2. notify a gui of its completion In less code than VB.net

January 24 2010

549 of the best programmer jokes ever

possibly even lolcat free
Tags: humor dev english

Mal angenommen Programmiersprachen wären Religonen

...und Perl wäre Voodoo.
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August 08 2009

still waiting for ++C. C++ has terrible OOP and just sucks in general.

August 01 2009

Ruby Gosu

(ZIP, 2.6 MB)
barebone ruby/gosu Mac OS X app with font and instructions.
* gosu is a openGL based gamedevelopment library and hence blazingly fast.
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class MyWindow < Gosu::Window
  def initialize
    super 480, 320, false
    self.caption = "caption"
    $window = self
  def draw
did i mention how much i love ruby/gosu?

July 31 2009

With smaller, denser pixels, anti-aliasing looks less fuzzy and more like printed type.
Daring Fireball: iPhone Fonts

July 26 2009

I think whoever did the work on the Pollux Linux distro should probably never touch Linux again.
Highspeed Timer(Counter) - GP32X.com - open source entertainment

July 24 2009

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I'm very interested in program transformation, and decoupling design-time dynamism from run-time dynamism.
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but: i ate the best meal so far in my life today. ^_
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July 23 2009

try ruby! (in your browser)

still pretty impressive. you get an irb shell on a remote server AND the ruby also interferes with the javascript/dom of the websit.
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July 22 2009

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XKCD - Game Theory

July 21 2009

Usually most open source quake based game engines have a similar renderer design to id Tech 3 nowadays. They usually use vertex arrays (VA) or compiled vertex arrays (CVA) that they create every frame by processing the entire scene geometry. You usually find this practice in IOQuake3 (of course), all IOQuake3 based games like Urban Terror or Tremulous, Q2E, QFusion, Overdose (at least an old version) and Alien Arena. This is a design that worked well in 1999 but it is a quite bad practice in 2009.

XreaL follows the advices of GDC papers and uses VBO based rendering for almost everything to avoid this horrible CPU bottleneck. The model geometry is uploaded like textures and don’t have to move over the PCIe bridge every frame.

— Result? 125fps instead of 30fps XreaL
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